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Introducing the New-Styled PS one (SCPH-100)

Offering a Lifestyle Choice for the New Mobile Network Era

PS one

Tokyo, June 8, 2000 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced a new-styled PlayStation® console positioned for the mobile network age, "PS One" (SCPH-100) for the Japanese market.

Since its debut in December of 1994, PlayStation has achieved cumulative shipments of 73 million units by May 31, 2000 - making it the most popular game console in the world. By inheriting the same functions and continuing the success of the current console, "PS one" will lead the PlayStation format into the new mobile network era.

A special adapter cable, available this winter, enables the entire PlayStation platform family (PlayStation, "PS one" and the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system) to be connected to mobile phones - creating a massive new audience for network digital services, offering new forms of entertainment beyond traditional packaged content. This will bring about a new era of networked entertainment. With this mobile phone network connection, the user can download information, entertainment content and software programs in addition to exchanging data with other users, in a variety of ways.

PS one

The design of "PS one" is the result of radical size-reduction of the original PlayStation to position it for the mobile network era. While containing the same functions as the PlayStation game console, "PS one" has been condensed to approximately 1/3rd its size, making it easy to carry it anywhere. When connected to the specially designed "PS one" LCD monitor that is planned to be available next spring, it is possible to take the world of PlayStation entertainment with; from room to room, house to house and out and about in a car*.

SCEI plans to deploy servers to handle the large scale of this new network-based PlayStation audience (with over 17 million in Japan alone), as well as aggressively promoting the business opportunities and technology to 3rd Party software developers to create applications - helping to bring about a new entertainment lifestyle for the network-era.

*Requires appropriate AC Adapter

Product Name: PlayStation (PS One) SCPH - 100
Logo Type: PS One
Suggested Retail Price: 15,000 JPY (tax not included)
Dimensions: 193 mm (W) X 38 mm (H) X 144 mm (D)
Weight: 550g
Formats Supported: "PlayStation" CD-ROM, Audio CD
Available July 7th, 2000
Interfaces: Controller port (2)
Memory Card slot (2)
AV Multicable output (1)
Power Supply AC 100V, 50/60 Hz
DC IN 7.5V
Accessories included: "DualShock" analog controller (1)
AV Multi cable (1)
AC Adapter (1)

Basic Specifications and Features
CPU 32 bit RISC (R3000 custom)
Clock speed 33.8688 MHz
Main Memory 2MB
Graphics PlayStation GPU
Graphics Memory 8Mbit
Sound SPU 24 ch
Sound Memory 4Mbit
Disc Drive CD-ROM 2 times speed

Available Accessories
"DualShock" analog controller SCPH-110
SRP 3,000 JPY

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