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TOKYO, March 2, 1999 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is pleased to announce the co-development with Toshiba Corp. of the 128 bit CPU (“EE”, or “Emotion Engine™”) for use in the next generation of PlayStation® . In order to process massive multi-media information at the fastest possible speeds, data bus, cache memory as well as all registers are 128 bits; this is integrated on a single chip LSI together with the state of the art 0.18 micron process technology. The development of a full 128-bit CPU is the first of its kind in the world.

Not only will this new CPU have application for games, but it will be the core media processor for future digital entertainment applications, and has a vastly superior floating point calculation capability compared to the latest personal computers. The new CPU incorporates two 64-bit integer units (IU) with a 128-bit SIMD multi-media command unit, two independent floating point vector calculation units (VU0, VU1), an MPEG 2 decoder circuit (Image Processing Unit/IPU) and high performance DMA controllers onto one silicon chip. The massive combined performance of this CPU permits complicated physical calculation, NURBS curved surface generation and 3D geometric transformations, which are difficult to perform in real time with PC CPUs, to be performed at high speeds.

In addition, by processing the data at 128-bits on one chip, it is possible to process and transfer massive volumes of multi-media data. CPUs on conventional PCs have a basic data structure of 64 bits, with only 32 bits on recent game consoles. The main memory supporting the high speed CPU uses the Direct Rambus* DRAM in two channels to achieve a 3.2GB/second bus bandwidth. This equates to four times the performance of the latest PCs that are built on the PC-100 architecture.

By incorporating the MPEG 2 decoder circuitry on one chip, it is now possible to simultaneously process high-resolution 3D graphics data at the same time as high quality DVD images. The combination of the two allows the introduction of a new approach to digital entertainment and real-time graphics and audio processing.

With a floating point calculation performance of 6.2GFLOPS/second, the overall calculation performance of this new CPU matches that of a super computer. When this is applied to the processing of geometric and perspective transformations normally used in the calculation of 3D computer graphics (3DCG), the peak calculation performance reaches 66 million polygons per second. This performance is comparable with that of high-end graphics workstations (GWS) used in motion picture production.

*Rambus is a registered trademark of Rambus Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is responsible for the distribution and software development for the PlayStation®, the world’s number one selling (CD-based) video game system and has offices around Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand promoting the PlayStation® and its software in more than 65 territories.

Emotion Engine Features and General Specifications

CPU core128 bit RISC (MIPS IV-subset)
Clock Frequency300MHz
Integer Unit64bit (2-way Superscalar)
Multimedia extended instructions107 instructions at 128 bit width
Integer General Purpose Register32 at 128 bit width
TLB48 double entries
Instruction Cache16KB (2-way)
Data Cache8KB (2-way)
Scratch Pad RAM16KB (Dual port)
Main Memory32MB (Direct RDRAM 2ch@800MHz)
Memory bandwidth3.2GB/sec
DMA10 channels
Co-processor1FPU (FMAC x 1, FDIV x 1)
Co-processor2VU0 (FMAC x 4, FDIV x 1)
Micro Memory (I:4KB D:4KB)
Vector Processing UnitVU1 (FMAC x 5, FDIV x 2)
Micro Memory (I:16KB D:16KB)
Floating Point Performance6.2GFLOPS
     + Perspective Transformation66Million Polygons/sec
     + Lighting38Million Polygons/sec
     + Fog36Million Polygons/sec
Curved Surface Generation (Bezier)16Million Polygons/sec
Image Processing UnitMPEG2 Macroblock Layer Decoder
Image Processing Performance150Million Pixels/sec
Gate width0.18 micron
VDD Voltage1.8 V
Power Consumption15 Watts
Metal Layers4
Total Transistors10.5 Million
Die Size240 mm 2
Package540pin PBGA

PlayStation2 EMOTION ENGINE Reference Data

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